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Sheila Renee Parker

"Interview with Lawrence Chau" https://sheilarparker.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/interview -with-lawrence-chau/

2 days ago

Cleo Patra

Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset; Soon A New Day Will Dawn is an anthology regarding the life experiences, indifferent decision-makings of a physically-limited woman

6 days ago


Check out the latest reviews, including Kirkus Reviews, and more for my seventh book, "Taming The Trouser Snake...." http://amzn.to/1Su1fjk

1 week ago

Ahmad Ardalan

"They murdered my wife two years ago... Tonight, you die. I am Matt, your nightmare!" 99c Today http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00QKVWNLW

2 weeks ago

Nick Mariano

See all my published books with links on my web site, http://www.myrtlebeachbooks.us

2 weeks ago

Nick Mariano

Checkout my new book on KindleScout. Just click https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/3D9HM2ZLIQ2YU

2 weeks ago

Jordan Zuniga

https://youtu.be/DTq35RMKvqw Check out my video trailer for my Action/Adventure Novella "The Guardians of Xegarath."

2 weeks ago

Lee Binz

FREE e-book 8/3/2015 - 8/7/2015, Finding A College by Lee Binz. http://budurl.com/FindingCollege

2 weeks ago

E.S. Smith

If you enjoy a romance, why not check out, "In A New Light" or "Exception to her rule" Available on Kindle. Thanks for your support! myBook.to/InANewLight myBook.to/ExceptionToHerRule

2 weeks ago

Gary James Roper

When four newly acquainted children accidentally stumble upon another realm, they are forced to go on a quest to find the keys to their survival. They embark on a journey into the unknown to overcome temptation and fight for their lives! Fantasy and reality collide in the tension of this supernatural realm. As these adventurers search for the truth, they are forced to work together to overcome their giants. They are about to have the time of their lives!

2 weeks ago

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