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Amarissa Amber Cale
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Amarissa Amber Cale

North Bay Ontario Canada

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About me

Live, love, laugh, then love some more! = My motto.

I am a writer/research analyst, specializing in Ancient History. I have several novels in the works at the moment. (When writer's block halts one, it's always good to have another to jump into!) 

My new release, For The love of a Trojan Princess will be released February 21st/2015

Imagine yourself in the Bronze Age, 3,200 years ago, kidnapped from your father’s kingdom, thousands of miles from home across the Sea to a foreign country. Now imagine being torn between the love of your country and love of a man who is the son of a sworn enemy.

When the Trojan princess, Cassandra, is kidnapped by ruthless Achaean vassals from Pylos, the Trojan army gathers and sets course for Greece to confront King Nestor and bring the princess home. The army is is opposed by a larger defense who deny Cassandra’s presence in Achaea. Cassandra swears she could never fall for the enemy, but is her will strong enough to deny the Achaean prince when he proves to be a strong yet romantic soul? Cassandra battles her emotions to remain distant from this valiant warrior who is determined to win her love.

Prince Dorion detests war, but is torn between his father’s wishes and what is morally right when he is faced with the prospect of losing the one woman he has ever loved. Hidden away from her kinsmen, and fearless brother, Hektor, who leads the Trojan army, Cassandra is desperate to maintain a semblance of peace between the two nations, but is her will enough to free them all? When she realizes her family is in mortal danger, will she find a way to escape her captors, or can Prince Dorion bend her resolve to his with love and valour?

Find out what life and love was like in the ‘age of heroes’, when Dorion and Cassandra each battle their own hearts and customs in this Bronze Age historical romance.

This unique new novel will be released February 28th/2015

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Deborah A Stevens

Best of luck with your writing. I'm an editor by trade, author by desire. If you need any assistance, let me know. Sometimes just a free question can get you back on track. Authors at all levels should support each other in our tangled-web craft. I do recommend a professional editor for eBooks/books. Physically impossible to proof your own material. ?Even me, with an over 20-year history in the profession. clasidconsultantspublishing.com?

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