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Book Reviews: “The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion:The Young King”

Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion Final Cover

Are you looking for a good book for the teen in your life – one that has supernatural and high tech themes but not filled with vampires, witches and similar themes that are so prevalent in a lot of teen novels these days? This may be just the book you’re looking for.

What readers are saying…….!

I  just finished reading your book The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion “the young king”. As a matter of fact I read it to several children. It was enchanting, mysterious, funny, and rich with Love and God’s promise. Your book should be made into a movie as told to me by one scholar. The characters became alive as told to me by another scholar, and a magical journey we all took..”

Dawne Martin
Parent Coordinator
New York City Department of Education

“Greetings my Dear Sister and Namesake: I have read the book and I must say what an awesome work of literacy it is. I am happy to say this is a book that will go in the library for my grandchildren to enjoy. I especially like that the book related so very well with the word of God. and how the Land of the Enchanting Legends reminds me of what heaven would be like. You are and awesome author and your word just leaped from the pages. BRAVO MY SISTER…BRAVO… You should be proud of yourself…This book is amazing.”

DeBorah Fields
Author & Speaker Extraordinaire
Ministry Director, A Godly Woman Worldwide Ministries,Inc.


“Wanted to say this was so great and hoping you will have follow up stories as I want more! This is a book I am happy to share with my friend’s daughters that are Christians; as it seems a hard find for moral Christian stories for our youth! You will love this tale that takes you back in time, I was loving this christian content that I will gladly lend to children to read also. I want more tales from this author! Great gift for any ages. Descriptive content that feels like you are right there living in the moment! Blessings to the author indeed! Love it and blessings!”

Kendra Gillian
Prison ministry and proud Christian!


Bible Stories As Great Adventures For Children To Appreciate

These days children have a plethora of choices of what to read. Kid’s fiction is exciting and full of characters with special powers and abilities that are hard for a typical bible story to rival. This book does a nice job in presenting the bible as a collection of wondrous stories, The Great I Am and and introducing a character that kids don’t often hear about in Bible Study or Sunday School – Josiah, a young king they can relate to because of his age.

As an introductory novel of what will likely be a series, it does take great pains to introduce us to the characters, their family, upbringing and surroundings so we are able to form a good idea of who each of them are. Once the children are transported to the time of Josiah, the author does an excellent job of describing the sites and sounds of that time and you feel transported with the children on their brief adventure. I am looking forward to more stories from The Great I Am with new characters to share with my children.”

N. Hill


Great Children’s book for Christians!


The story focuses around a family, which consist of a mother, father, and three children 2 girls and a boy. It started out a bit slow as there was a lot of back story. Once the story got going it was really good. It took another approach to telling the story of the Bible (“Book of I Am”) . It is a Christian story book and it uses scripture to help tell the stories! It was a really good book as it was only 93 pages it was pretty easy to read. It is geared more towards children between 8 and 12 so reading it as an adult I thought that parts were lost on me.”

Genieva Barfield

The “Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion: The Young King” is available in soft cover & e-book at, Barnes&Noble, and othe online retailers. A limited edition hard cover, author signed copy is available at the  author’s website.

The book is nationally distributed and can also be purchased at most book stores.

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The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion:The Young King

Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion Final Cover

D. K. Ogans creatively blends this story about family, youth, and the use of High-tech to take us on an adventure to a real place and time where we can experience teens with determination, perseverance, and courage. This family and “The Young King” are true role models for families and youth of today.

We live in a time where the tales of vampires, witches, witchcraft, warlocks, spell casters, ogres, hobbits, monsters and super heroes vie for our attention to entertain us. There really are some true Super Heroes which you will find in this Christian Fiction novel, The Enchanting Legends of Shiloh Mansion:The Young King”.

It’s a story about a marvelous modern day family. The main characters, Eliza, Faith, and Daniel are uniquely gifted youth. With the ability to time travel, these bright, innovative “smart teens” responsibly dare to go and do the things that most only imagine! Sir Iverson and Lady Angelica are their wise, loving, nurturing parents, and they themselves too are quite an eclectic extraordinary pair. They have provided their super family with every possible modern convenience and gadgetry available.

Here with the latest state-of-the-art interactive technology and endless massive Wi-Fi networks at their disposal, everything is set in motion.

Shiloh Mansion is where it all begins. It is a fascinating place situated in the midst of a forest that continuously unfolds an intriguing revelation.

Are you looking for a good book for teens – one that has supernatural and high tech themes but not filled with vampires, witches and similar themes that are so prevalent in a lot of teen novels these days? This may be just the book you’re looking for.

It’s available in soft cover & e-book at, Barnes&Noble, and othe online retailers. A limited edition hard cover, author signed  copy is available at my author’s website.

The book is nationally distributed and can also be purchased at most book stores.


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Pieces of Glitz

Pieces of glitz

‘Pieces of Glitz’ is the first book released by C.F. Richardson, a gritty coming of age tale.

Forced to move to where the grass is greener, Jake discovers the downside to having money, beautiful friends and designer everything. Then Jake meets Christian. We all need a guide when visiting the underworld, a place where drugs and temptation are in abundance. With Lilly as his torch, Jake struggles to fight his way out of the thickening darkness.

A harrowing tale which will leave you unsure if what you’ve read is a warning, the truth or an insight into madness.

Already receiving 5 stars, reviewers have had this to say:

“This is definitely a book you will need to read twice, not because the story is confusing, but because you discover so many ingenious little clues left throughout the story by the author.

This is not what I would normally pick up and read, but I’m very glad I did. It’s a unique tale and chock full of morals and twists.

Be warned, this is a book definitely for 18+ year olds, but if you are looking for a gripping, gritty story told through the eyes of an odd, despicable but likeable seventeen year old, then you need to read Pieces of Glitz! ”

“It’s not your average novel, where the information is spoon-fed to you, you have to use your brain as you work your way through the twists and turns of the story, but that’s what makes it so unique.”


‘Pieces of Glitz’ is available for download on Kindle: Kindle Download

It can also be found on Smashwords, where you can try a sample up to 10%: Smashwords Download


The following extract is from the chapter Methoxetamine and follows Jake’s train of thought whilst he is high on the substance.

‘Time passes and clocks melt along the way and I with them, and only for a few sparing seconds do I get a few moments and windows of clarity but I can’t look through them and I think I am going to die.

I am lying on my back and breathing isn’t coming naturally , there are some rusty and malfunctioning cogs grinding in my chest and I almost want to tear them out and oil them up.

I try to sit up but I am completely numb and nearing unconsciousness.

The music isn’t quite music, I can almost see it in front of me. Millions of little bytes vibrating on different planes and I wanted to read out and touch them, but I realize I am just staring a white ceiling and I cannot move my arm.

Life sets in for a few seconds and falls over me like a blanket, my skin absorbing it and the deeper it falls the more intense it gets until it implodes with confusion and a weird kind of deep seated pain.

‘Do you know why I count lampposts?’ Christian says to me, in my voice.

‘I’m not,’ I say, I am trying so hard to think but everything is so disjointed. I think I am sobbing, or shivering cold. A ray of light is beaming through the window and covers me in ice.

But what are you trying to escape?

I don’t even know, I don’t even know about the questions I am being asked.

I am not sure if I am conscious or if I have been out or asleep, but I can suddenly walk again but everything is still crumbling and falling into an abyss of dead cells.’

If you’re looking for something different, something surreal and something that makes you question morality, then look no further than ‘Pieces of Glitz.’

Follow C.F. Richardson on Twitter for updates on when the book will be available on iBooks, Barnes and Noble and print.


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Get it here on Amazon.

imageBroken Cisterns is a thrilling story about a young man on a pilgrimage of a life time. The story line is fast and gripping and will not let you go until the very last word.

Those who have read this sensational story of the trials and triumphs of life, have this to say about it:

-”From the minute I picked up the book I could not put it down and I found myself transported into the graphic world of detailed imagery and intense emotions experienced by the character depicted. By the time I was done, I not only enjoyed the read but I was stirred to re-embrace the true essence of life. It is definitely a classic.”

-”Deep. I enjoyed reading it. Easy reading despite its deep content. I read it at night while in bed and it eroded my dreams. I woke up still thinking about the concept of Broken Cisterns. I look forward to another book by Kemi Jorge-Oyewusi.”



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H.S. Clark Presents Jenny Milchman Author Spotlight


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Marketing Strategies

Twitter, facebook, blogs etc. What else can we do as indie authors to get the word out our books are worthy of buying? It’s exhausting the amount of time I’m putting in marketing my current book, when I should be #writing my next. I don’t want to pay someone to do my marketing for me because my sales don’t justify the expense. Is anyone else out there feeling frustrated, or have any new ideas? Please…pass them on if you do!

What do you feel about the new KDP unlimited that Amazon is pushing? Good or Bad?

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About Me…  Hello !

Stop by and check out my Blog – a lot of information and stories for caregivers and family.

Meet me on Twitter:


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Barnes and Noble:


Well–I am a proud Indie author indeed!  Published my first book, “Alzheimer’s Through My Mother’s Eyes” in December, 2013.  My story is real.  My story is raw.

The five year journey of taking care of my Mother as she descended into Alzheimer’s disease, is my story. As Mom’s caregiver, I learned about elder attorney’s, elder abuse, assisted living rules and regulations, convalescent center and their roles in the lives of the elderly, and compassionate and dedicated doctors.

I had no one to help or guide me.  I am a caregiver survivor and honored to pass along the suggestions, facts, medical jargon and information I learned during this time - in the duties of being a caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions !  I welcome any verbiage and feedback from any of my readers.  I hope this accurate account of these years will resound to many who are in the same situation I was in many years ago.

My top goal, was to maintain respect and dignity for the glorious and beautiful woman who raised me to be a contributing and honest member of our society.

My husband and I will celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary in August, 2014 and we enjoy peace and quiet, going for walks, out with friends and spending time together.

I also am the “human” of a Therapy Dog International, by the name of FLOWER.  She is an amazing TDI – and has now accomplished over 150 documented visits.  The first place we visited when she was certified as a Therapy Dog, was the convalescent center that my Mother was in until she passed.  I grew to love the canines that came to visit the patients and I was honored they welcomed me as my first official Therapy Dog International visit with FLOWER/TDIAOV.

This is my way of giving back the love that Mom and I shared.  It is so very rewarding to bring smiles and compassion to bedbound and sick patients.


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Book Review: A Native’s Tongue

Reviewed by Annie Peters

Unforgettable characters drive this offbeat, unpredictable tale of three flawed people.

In A Native’s Tongue, Michael Dennis writes of drugs, sex, love, and obsession among three broken people in Southern California. Dennis’s unique plot captivates from the first chapter. However, it is his characters that will be hard to forget.

The novel opens with Jennifer, a young natural blond in a world of fakes, who drives a 2005 Jaguar and pops Xanax like candy, visiting Violet, an angry, irrational older woman, in a correctional facility. When Jennifer meets Violet, the latter ominously rasps, “‘It was never you that he loved. You know that right?’” From there and through alternating narrators, Dennis slowly and masterfully reveals the strange story behind that statement.

Two aspects of this novel make it a pleasure to read. First, it has a plot that is remarkable for its originality. There is a surreal aspect to the story that is fun and fresh. For instance, when one character seriously overdoses, she does not go home to recuperate. Instead, while still dangerously weak and in her hospital gown, she leaves the hospital in a 1970s van with a character she barely knows to embark on a long road trip, stopping for lobster tails and a single strawberry from a roadside vendor. While this is a minor example, this offbeat tone permeates the novel and leads to a completely unpredictable ending. Dennis’s use of alternating narrators and nonchronological storytelling further enhances the tone.

Second, character development is exceptional. Dennis begins with three main characters who appear to have no redeeming qualities. The first words Jennifer utters in the novel, to a well-intentioned guard who broke her car window out of concern that she had passed out, are “You Fuck!” Violet, when not incarcerated, stalks her potential lover and attempts to buy love with a Rolex watch. Charlie, the third point in this doomed triangle, seems perfectly content to live off others’ largesse in a haze of easy sex, drugs, and questionable hygiene. Despite the motley nature of this cast, however, Dennis manages to engender at least a modicum of compassion for all three by the end of the novel by revealing the long-standing void each is trying desperately to fill.

Dennis’s writing style complements the plot and characters. On the one hand, the dialogue is often casual and laced with profanity. This befits these seemingly superficial characters who willingly go where fate takes them. At the same time, internal dialogue reveals their complexity. For example, Charlie describes Jennifer’s eyes at their first meeting by musing, “The green stripes in her eyes crisscrossed the indigo blue patchwork woven under cinder brown speckles. I was lost in those carriages of colored harmony. They straddled me and took me on an out of body experience to a farm in the mid-west outside of Wisconsin, where I had always desired to know the secret of a simpler life.”

Despite its evident strengths, this novel has one minor flaw: Dennis briefly mentions a possibly magical or supernatural event in the last two pages. This instance seems out of place because the novel ends before it is fleshed out. Nevertheless, the mention is brief, and the ending otherwise satisfies.

Dennis provides an entertaining read with a surprisingly original plot and flawed but ultimately sympathetic characters. For those seeking an edgy novel with an ending that defies prediction, A Native’s Tongue is not to be missed.

Send to Kindle interview: Profile #3261 Penny Fletcher

Penny Fletcher worked her way up from news reporter to staff writer, to columnist and editor, to Bureau Editor, in newspapers; was an editor for publishing companies, including Amazon’s former BookSurge (forerunner of Kindle); and in 2001 opened her own editing and coaching business.

   Her recently published book, Trial by Fire, is a suspense thriller with a touch of political espionage and sexy romance.

   She also has four published books in her own name and has ghost written under others. Her works until this point include: If I Should Die Before I Wake (1992); Where the Wild Rose Grows (2002) and An Editor’s Guide to Perfect Press Releases (2004). 

   In December 2013, she took the final step in the industry to found SOARING EAGLE BOOKS, taking on her best editing clients and her own work (which was represented by an agency) and is currently its publisher and CEO.

   The story goes this way:

   She began her writing career as a reporter for the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey and has continued writing through many genres since 1965. She has had approximately 14,000 news, features, fiction stories, and columns in both local and national magazines and newspapers. A true generalist, she has written and edited for several large news organizations as well as being published in Today’s Christian Woman, Gulf Coast Fisherman, True Romance, True Story, and The Tampa Tribune.

   She has accumulated more than fifty writing awards from the Florida Press Association, Community Papers of Florida, Writer’s Digest Magazine and others less well known.

She has worked as an on-line editor for Amazon- in its self-publishing division, BookSurge- produced their book marketing sheets and back jacket copy; ghosted several New York Times Reviews (while with BookSurge); and has mentored and taught new authors, both as a freelancer, and with the various companies where she was employed.

   She has also worked online for, and produced copy for many websites.

   Penny has been a resident of Tampa Bay, Florida, for more than 35 years and in business working with authors online in fiction and nonfiction for more than 15 of those years.

Penny’s Kindlemojo Profile

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