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October is my favorite time of year, crunchy leaves and crisp air.  And I am not sure why that is.  It brings on a change.  It isn’t one of growth but it is a “newness and rebirth” words not typically associated with Autumn but of Spring.  We are compelled to make special foods and walk around in decayed corn fields.  When the wind blows the fallen leaves in the road they dance across the path of my car, it stirs a mystifying feeling within me. Even as a child, I felt something unexplainable. What does October stir in you?

313f16c3-032d-4966-9cec-8a13e59bcf18GET going on my Mobster Series before the brother series starts: Chicago Mob Series.
Mobster’s Gamble is book 1 Carlo and Anya’s story. Add to your TBR list.
Carlo Caruso runs the family businesses. A large legitimate casino in the heart of Chicago that is the front for the other business. But a group of cult extremists, headed by a guy who calls himself Priest, decide to target his families’ Casino as a den of sin while attempting to recruit for their cause.
Anya’s beauty has always stirred the wrong kind of attention from the leader and when he was gone his son. Anya has had a complicated relationship with Priest since she was a little girl toddling around in the religious commune.

Can they overcome their upbringings and find love? Find out!

What does the mafia and a religious cult have in common? Find out in Mobster’s Gamble.

TEASER (Unedited)


The hot spray of the shower feels wonderful. It warms up my cold body and washes away the traces of him left behind. I step out onto the plushy rug beside the tub and dry myself slowly, stalling. This rug is one of the few luxuries I have been given by being Priest’s consort. I saw it when we went on a run for supplies at the local department store. It’s truly pretty with long shaggy fibers that tickle your toes. I asked to purchase it but Priest gave me a firm no. I never mentioned it again but a week later I went to the bathroom in Priest’s suite off the main house and there it was lying flush against the white tub with the tag still on it.

It’s Priest’s messed up way of apologizing. The whole previous week before I walked around with two bruised ribs and a gash under my eye from when he hit me. His ring cut my face. That was the most I have ever bled. It just kept coming. Red poured out from the tender layer of skin. That frightened me more than any other injury over the past years. I thought I was going to bleed to death. Priest sort of freaked out too. I’ve never seen him get like that. He actually looked remorseful and worried. In the end, I needed six stitches and have a tiny scar left behind. When you are close to my face, you can definitely see it. I was lucky that an Anointed member knew how to stitch up skin—a plain needle and a fine thread did the trick.


“The spring, summer, is quite a hectic time for people in their lives, but then it comes to autumn, and to winter, and you can’t but help think back to the year that was, and then hopefully looking forward to the year that is approaching.”

~Enya, Musician

4aaade38-143b-445b-84d2-ffb2be430552FREE EBOOK of the Month:

Mobster’s Angel (Mobster’s Series Book 4)

Love isn’t something you can control. As much as Vito, mobster enforcer, wish he could, he can’t. And falling in love with someone who is close to jail-bait age is even tougher. Vito bides his time and waits. For a hasty guy with limited self-control, it’s difficult to curb his impulses.

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NEWSLETTER Amy Rachiele, Author

Hello and Happy September!  september newsletter keep calm

The weather has yet to cool, but I can feel Fall creeping up on us. While I’ve had a rocky last few months, I’m charging full speed ahead with new projects, stories, and more–just for you. Below are some sneak peeks of what I’ve been up to, Chapter 1 of Enforcing Fate, sample audio of Mobster’s Angel, and my blog post on the Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

“Suspension of disbelief  or willing suspension of disbelief is a term coined in 1817 by the poet and aesthetic philosopher  Samuel Taylor Coleridge , who suggested that if a writer could infuse a “human interest and a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative. Suspension of disbelief often applies to fictional works of the action, comedy, fantasy, and horror genres.” Wikipedia

Why does it exist? Why do we feel compelled to push ourselves into another world? We already have one we are living in now. Books, movies, and even music transform us and transport us to a new world and place. We allow ourselves to be taken.
We don’t have to till the fields or milk the cows anymore, or build our own houses. But yet hundreds of years ago people in poverty, middle-class, and even the elite traveled to coliseums and cheered when thespian troops ventured to their towns. Shakespearean plays performed offered an escape to leave the world for a couple of hours and be transformed into another. Books were a luxury and copies were passed down from generation to generation.

The willing suspension of disbelief is an amazing ideology and sometimes we definitely need it to get away from our own lives to settle back and relax and let someone else do the work. Human nature wants to be entertained.
4aaade38-143b-445b-84d2-ffb2be430552Look for it soon!

Mobster’s Angel is working its way towards a downloadable audio book!Stay tuned, even more audio books to come!
Teaser for Enforcing Fate, Alex and Meryl’s Story Chapter 1 (Unedited).
Short Story for Men of Mayhem: A Mafia Anthology

Release Date December 1st.
Chapter 1
 He’s dead. The words roll about in my head as I swirl the amber whiskey in my glass around and around staring at it slosh. The casino I’m at is busy tonight. The lights are low but the sounds of the slots are loud.

I tip my drink to my lips, gulp the rest of it down and slide the glass across the bar for a refill without leaving my stool. The guy tending is someone I haven’t seen before. I have been spending my nights here since I moved to Chicago right after it happened. I couldn’t face our home, our stuff, or even our car when it was finally over. I sold or gave it all away and left as fast as a seven-forty-seven could take me. His death didn’t leave me destitute but it left me alone.

My phone dings with a text from a friend I hardly ever saw when he was alive.

“How are you?” she asks.

I click the delete button. I’m not ready to talk. I can’t hear it again, “You’re so young. You’ll meet someone else. It’s too bad you never had kids.”

The calls from aunts I haven’t spoken to in ten years really piss me off. I wasn’t worth a call when I was married, why am I worth a call now that I am a thirty-four-year-old widow?

I look up at a different bartender. He’s scrounging under the bar not really seeming to know what he’s doing. His dark brown hair is on the long side and hangs in his eyes. I watch him shove it out of the way miffed.

“Excuse me.” I tap my finger on the shiny granite. “I’ll have another when you get a chance.” He is busy, engrossed in pouring and figuring out how to use the tap and agitated. I watch him. It makes me stifle a giggle. Clearly, this is not what he is cut out for.

He doesn’t look at me when he says, “It’s coming. Give me a minute.”

Oh, he’s ruffled. I cover my mouth with the back of my hand attempting not to laugh at him instead of being bothered by his attitude.

“Are you new?” I can’t stop myself from asking.

“No, I’m not new.” He barks low aggravated. “I’ve worked here practically my whole life.” He snaps up to full height with a whiskey bottle in one hand and a clean glass in the other.

I giggle because his mannerisms are so cute.

“Okay.” I keep my laugh as contained as I can.

He’s staring. So I turn to see what is behind me. People are going back and forth to slot machines and roulette tables that are near the bar. I twist back around and my drink is directly in front of me.

“Thank you,” I toss out scooping it up. Instead of going back to his prep area or helping others around me, he is standing before me.

“I have a running tab,” I tell him assuming he is waiting for me to pay him. Awkwardly, he grabs a rag from below and wipes down my area. He is concentrating on his own movements intensely like he wants to stay right here but is embarrassed to look at me.

“So,” I start. “You have worked here practically your whole life, huh? I guess not as a bartender though?

“Security,” he states firmly.

“I would say that is definitely the opposite of tending bar.” I lift my glass again.

“Alex!” A dark haired guy calls to him. His head shoots towards the voice. “Bobby is here.”

“I’m good!” he calls back.

The guy who called over has a face twisted in confusion.

“I think he is letting you know that you are all set,” I offer taking a swig of my drink before turning my attention back to the two men. “Bobby is a regular bartender here.” The one who should be serving drinks instead. I down the last drops of my whiskey and reach into my purse for my credit card.

“It’s on the house,” he says quietly still intent on wiping the counter. My brows furrow in confusion. I don’t know what to do. This has never happened to me before. I dip my fingers into my wallet and put a twenty on the bar. Alex, I assume that is his name, pushes it back towards me. “I said it is on the house.” His voice is commanding with a touch of darkness. It is the kind of voice that exudes danger. He is the total opposite of the fumbling cute guy from a few minutes ago. His demeanor has transformed.

He has flustered me so I squeak out a very low thank you shoving the twenty back in my bag and zip for the casino exit.
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Mobster’s Bones is LIVE!

Mobsres_bones_copy (1)

●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●NOW LIVE●☆● ☆● ☆● ☆●

Mobster’s Bones by Amy Rachiele

(Book 5 in Mobster Series or a stand alone)


“Then let me explain something to you.” He puts his arm around my shoulder like a very bad scene from the Godfather. “You are friends with them. In turn that makes you friends with me… and Antonio is marrying Megan, your friend. Antonio is going to be the Boss. We treat friends like family. That means you are friends with, and practically family with, all of us.”
~ Vito, Mobster’s Bones



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Introduction to iGO eBooks

Welcome to iGO eBooks® by Gordon Owen.

A catalyst for innovation in the e/iBooks in the niche genre of voluntary sector fundraising, governance, organisational and ePublishing matters.

There are 30 e/Books in the 4 genre material series providing a guide and reference to techniques, things to consider, and contacts with url links for new, small, and emerging groups / organisations in the voluntary/third sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the statutory, corporate, and charitable trusts/foundations sectors.

Developing synergies with corporates in events management, (with networks nationally & internationally), creating a hotbed of new and strategic initiatives.

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Organic Guinea Pig’s Health Revolution

This was the moment that the first hard copy proof of my book arrived, and I saw myself in print for the first time. Total elation

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100 Reviews. Thanks y’all (latest review)

Thanks to Mike for taking the time to review….
‘Trauma Junkie’ is a fast-paced look into the lives of NYC paramedics, March 11, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Trauma Junkie (Kindle Edition)
This is one really sweet read.
In ‘Trauma Junkie’ author Tom Hobbs has crafted a wonderful story about the lives and loves of the men and women who spend their nights saving people that have been shot, stabbed, beaten up or who were the unlucky victims of accidents. It is, in some respects, a nightmare world of junkies and thugs but it is also the world of people who care deeply for others; people whose lives are dedicated to bringing victims of accident and illness back from the brink of death.
The fact that they don’t always succeed in that mission takes its toll on many of them, including Brian Sheahan, an Air Force veteran who logged a couple of tours in Afghanistan before leaving the service to work as a paramedic in New York City. Sheahan has enough pain in his past to sink most men and there are times when he’s not certain that he wants to go on living but, not always by choice, he does. He is a fascinating blend of hero and ordinary guy caught up in extraordinary events; a guy you’d probably want to show up when something bad happens to you.
Sheahan is the main character in this excellent book but Hobbs has populated its pages with several other memorable men and women: His ex-wife Amber, his girlfriend Brooklyn, his ambulance partner Mel and others are fully realized, not just cardboard cutouts whose only purpose is to give Sheahan someone to talk to when a bit of dialogue is called for. As a writer myself, I know how difficult it is to flesh out these secondary characters; how hard it is to make them as “real” for the reader as the main character. Hobbs has done an amazing job of making the men and women whose lives touch Sheahan’s just as important to the story as he is.
Hobbs, who worked New York City’s streets as a paramedic before becoming an author, brings a degree of authenticity to ‘Trauma Junkie’ that is seldom found in books about first responders. He skillfully captures not only the drama of paramedics arriving at a scene where something tragic has happened but Hobbs also gives his readers a crash course in the technical aspects of the work they do. It makes for fascinating reading.
This is a fast-paced novel with enough action for a Hollywood blockbuster, enough pathos to make readers care about what happens to the characters and just enough humor to sweeten the deal.
I highly recommend it.
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My second and third favorite things.

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