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‘Trauma Junkie’ is a fast-paced look into the lives of NYC paramedics, March 11, 2015
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This is one really sweet read.
In ‘Trauma Junkie’ author Tom Hobbs has crafted a wonderful story about the lives and loves of the men and women who spend their nights saving people that have been shot, stabbed, beaten up or who were the unlucky victims of accidents. It is, in some respects, a nightmare world of junkies and thugs but it is also the world of people who care deeply for others; people whose lives are dedicated to bringing victims of accident and illness back from the brink of death.
The fact that they don’t always succeed in that mission takes its toll on many of them, including Brian Sheahan, an Air Force veteran who logged a couple of tours in Afghanistan before leaving the service to work as a paramedic in New York City. Sheahan has enough pain in his past to sink most men and there are times when he’s not certain that he wants to go on living but, not always by choice, he does. He is a fascinating blend of hero and ordinary guy caught up in extraordinary events; a guy you’d probably want to show up when something bad happens to you.
Sheahan is the main character in this excellent book but Hobbs has populated its pages with several other memorable men and women: His ex-wife Amber, his girlfriend Brooklyn, his ambulance partner Mel and others are fully realized, not just cardboard cutouts whose only purpose is to give Sheahan someone to talk to when a bit of dialogue is called for. As a writer myself, I know how difficult it is to flesh out these secondary characters; how hard it is to make them as “real” for the reader as the main character. Hobbs has done an amazing job of making the men and women whose lives touch Sheahan’s just as important to the story as he is.
Hobbs, who worked New York City’s streets as a paramedic before becoming an author, brings a degree of authenticity to ‘Trauma Junkie’ that is seldom found in books about first responders. He skillfully captures not only the drama of paramedics arriving at a scene where something tragic has happened but Hobbs also gives his readers a crash course in the technical aspects of the work they do. It makes for fascinating reading.
This is a fast-paced novel with enough action for a Hollywood blockbuster, enough pathos to make readers care about what happens to the characters and just enough humor to sweeten the deal.
I highly recommend it.
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IMMORTAL FEAR: A Medical Thriller

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IMMORTAL  FEAR: A Medical Thriller

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Introducing Hidden Carmina

Carmina Nightshade is a 22 year old human girl who discovers the truth about her family and clan – they are not human.

To love  eternally, she has to die, to die she has to live and to live… she has to learn the difference between Myth and Truth – if there is any.
 Hidden Carmina by Adri Sinclair
As life would have it, the voices she’s heard in her head since birth has a purpose far more sinister than just being annoying. When Carmina meets the big, dark-haired Liam Moretti, she turns the entire immortal world upside down – breaking all the rules and changing history as as they know it.This is not what you expect from a love story – it is EXACTLY what you expect from a love story, until you reach the darker side – where the reality clash with mythology. Where do you draw the line and how much is possible to endure?
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Fresh Off the Craig Ferguson Show: James Oswald with H.S. Clark


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WARRIOR MINE: Military Romance Anthology

Meet six HOT alpha warriors and the women who tame them! Box set includes six novels by six amazing authors. Get ready to swoon over sexy SEALs, Soldiers and Marines!

Sharon HWarrior mine cover 11.11.2014amilton

Lizzy Ford

Amy Rachiele

Amanda Hough

Elizabeth Loraine

Janie Storer

Proceeds are donated to charity!Soldiers walking the walk

“Accidental SEAL” by Sharon Hamilton

Christy Nelson embarks on her new career in Real Estate by holding her first open house. Entering the wrong house, by accident, she finds the nude sleeping body of a young man. Navy SEAL Kyle Lansdowne, on a mission to find his AWOL Team buddy, is staying at his buddy’s home while investigating the disappearance. When someone breaks in, he takes protective measures. He doesn’t expect to find that a beautiful young woman is responsible for his teammate’s abduction.

“Semper Mine” by Lizzy Ford

A freak accident landed both of the Khavalov twins under my command, just before a routine mission turned into a nightmare. I brought home one twin in a coffin and the other in a coma missing his leg. I did everything right – and still people died. I can’t forget that night or how many lives it changed, including mine.

“Shrapnel’s Kiss” by Amy Rachiele

It’s love and war! Captain Tyler Alexander, U.S. Army, Infantry: Mission first and mission ready is his motto, but he realizes it all has a deeper meaning when he meets Junie–a Flower-power Peace Corps volunteer. Can they have a relationship in the midst of terrorists and firefights?“

“Fight to Win” by Amanda Hough

Navy SEAL, Jaxson Avery followed the example of his father, Mike—he became an elite fighter for the United States military. And he let no one get in the way. Jaxson became the youngest SEAL to complete BUD/S SEAL training at age seventeen. By twenty, he was leading a team. By the time, he was thirty his squad had hunted, captured or killed some of the deadliest murderers in the world. Can Jaxson convince Talley that she is the one regret he refuses to carry anymore? And will he ever see that look in her eyes? Can he be her hero again?

“Battle Within” by Elizabeth Loraine

In high school Christine and Zachary were madly in love. Even though Christine’s parents adamantly disapproved of the young man from the wrong side of town, their love for one another transcended all that, at least for a while. It wasn’t long before Zack started to believe he was only holding her back and soon he started to pull away. Will he let Christine help him and reignite the passion they once had? Or is the love they felt in youth gone forever?

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Introducing Living Human

Living Human, by Adri Sinclair
-By Adri Sinclair

“I didn’t do it!” She shouted, her body being dragged off by two pairs of wings attached to The Guards.

“According to our witnesses, you did, and more. You’re going down, all the way down.” The voice from behind was practically pushing her out the door.

It was all a misunderstanding. She had no idea the room was full of naked men, and she certainly didn’t know why they were naked. She had nothing to do with the vanishing clothes, nor the rampant magic set loose on them. OK, it is fair to think she might have had something to do with this, but in all honesty – she was a bit more picky about her victims. She would never choose a bunch of cry-baby, emotionally unstable, eunuchs!

“Salsa, sit down please.” She sat herself down and wonder why they always made this such a schlep out of everything? The empty room and empty faces did not scare her at all, and if she could, she’d actually give this place a overhaul. Perhaps a dash of yellow on the white canvass walls. Oe! A sparkly gem at the end of the light-switch. She could imagine a wonderful…

“Salsa! I’m talking to you.” Oh right, he was. She turned to look who she got this time, and then she gawked. How did he become a chaperone? He always instigated trouble first – which she always took the brunt for.
“Dillan? What the hell man?” She waved her hands over him. “Suited and everything! I don’t believe this.”
“Do you have any idea what I went through to make sure when this day come I get to be here?” He growled under his breath at her. “And believe me, I knew this day would come!”
Salsa pinched her fingers over the bridge of her nose. She’s had so many lectures today, what was one more.
“Do you want to talk about it?” She asked sarcastically.
“What? No!” He pushed the stack of papers over the wooden desk, the swishing sound drawing her attention. Dropping her hand onto the table with a bang, she started reading out loud.
“… blah-blah blah… evicted… blah blah blah…. to live with humans…. blah blah blah…. return with clean slate.”

Swirling the pen like baton, she wriggled her signature onto the paper. There was no point trying to argue any more. They’ve made up their minds, she’s guilty and now she’s going to earth.

To where the humans live. To … A sly grin spread across her face and she wrinkled her nose before she whispered. “You set me up! It was you!”
Dillan’s face took on a mocking serious presentation, his mouth open in a large ‘o’ and his eyes stretched to model after saucers. His fingers pushed against his chest in a spider formation and when he spoke, the exaggerated disdain became almost comical.
“Would I do a thing like that? How dare you Miss Salsa Honey?” He raked the documents back, closing his mouth firmly, checking over the signatures.
“You would. You did!” She cried out. “Whyyyyy?”
“Eh, I got bored. Figured I’ve been a good lad for long enough. Shall we skedaddle?” He stood up from the desk, the chair screeching behind him. In the one corner of his mouth was a cocky curl and devils were dancing around the hazel flecks in both his eyes. This was the Dillan she knew.

Salsa and Dillan arranged their faces to look sad and solemn on her part; and authoritative and gloomy on his. It was only the sparkle behind the two hazel sets of eyes, which might have given away their real excitement. That is, if anyone bothered to look. Truth was, most avoided eye-contact with the chaperones and they avoided the criminals altogether for fear of catching mischief. Salsa mused about this. She thought it ridiculous how being adventurous was treated like a rash – how someone with said rash was considered contagious. If only.

She turned her attention back to her companion. “How many trips have you made down?” Salsa asked, chewing on a long strip of red liquorice.
“None, I saved myself for you.” He answered. “Not worth going at it alone.”
“Huh.” The sound she made was a familiar one between them. It could easily be replaced with ‘Well, what do you know?’ or something similar.

For the rest of this, please read it free here:  Living Human 
Thank you!! [As always, I am a new writer, crits and shares, and general help always most welcome!]

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New Amazon Review for Trauma Junkie

Trauma Junkie cover



Poor EMT’s watch people die, Poor Paramedics kill people….

Let me start by saying this, I am a Paramedic, and this
is very close to the real thing, very close.
From the banter among the crews and everyone around
them, to the huge egos Paramedics have, to the calls and
the emergency driving issues and problems, to the tattoos
that many EMS/Paramedics have.

You will ride with EMS/Paramedics in NY, from call to call
and look into their private lives, from divorce to new romances
to child birth.
You will meet…
Brian Sheahan, Paramedic and main character.
Mel, Paramedic and Brian’s partner.
Amber, Paramedic and Brian’s ex wife, and still friend.
Beth, Paramedic and Amber’s partner.
Brooklyn, news stringer and Brian’s new love interest.
Along with many many others.
You will watch them deal with Hospital Diversion, heavy
equipment bags, O2 bottles, D-fib/Life Packs, ABC-CPR,
ET Tubes, Decompression, IV’s,GSW’s, car accidents
and a 3 alarm fire.
Yes, I have been there myself, and have done all of that.
This is book 1, of a 6 book series, I advise reading them
in order.
There are 2 more books after these, coming soon, I hope.
So, buckle up and enjoy the ride along..

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Book review of Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs

Trauma Junkie cover full


From Nepo Press Blog

Book review of Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs


“Primitive Adventure on the Naked Streets” (4 stars)

This reminded me a bit of the Ed McBain police procedurals except with only a single story line and following an EMS and/or paramedic (apparently there is a difference—who knew?) instead of detectives.

It was dirty and gritty, from the lurid cover to the trauma deaths on the inside. A tortured soul, contemplating suicide but compelled to save others, fights his daemons and finds true love—we hope.

This was “primitive” like artwork brought back from the jungles, where the natives may not have the proportions or perspective right, but there is still “something about” those breasts on that fertility goddess. That may not be the best comparison. Perhaps it is more like a horrible car wreck that compels you to look anyway. I’m referring to the adventures on the street, literally car wrecks (and worse).

Summary: not perfect but a good, quick read. I liked it.

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Book Review: Trauma Junkie



From the blog of: Vicki Hudson

Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs is a quick medical drama read. Brian is a no nonsense prior Air Force Special Ops medic turned New York City paramedic. The story revolves around him over a fast paced year during which he travels the darkness of one death too close and the consequence on his marriage while saving lives across the city. How do you save a life when you’ve lost your own?

A constant question of “what comes next” keeps the reader engaged. The characters are interesting and diverse. Immersion into Brian’s world is swift which makes the moments of poor editing all the more intrusive. There are some rough transitions, awkward sentence structure and over use of acronyms and abbreviations that only local New Yorkers would understand. There are long segments of dialogue which are realistic, though following who is saying what forces re-reading of a page at times. Each of these various occurrences bring the reader back into reality from a created suspension of belief.

Tom Hobbs’ medical dialogue and sequences seem real. Issues evoke emotion. A thread of mystery for a past event ties the journey together till the very end when the answer is revealed subtlety. Trauma Junkie is the kind of book to have on your E-reader. You won’t get lost in it but will be able to fall right back in when able to snatch a few moments on the commuter train, a waiting room or in between clients. An easy read. And when you’re done…you want more.

Tom Hobbs’s Amazon Page

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Reunions: An Anthology of Heartfelt Short Stories

A story for everyone!

Heartwarming and heartrending, this anthology of short stories tells the tale of reunions: Romantic reunions, friendly reunions, family reunions, and more. Each story lends a unique perspective to the meaning of a reunion, but all promise to trigger deep and intense emotions and keep you good company!

Grab a cup of tea, curl up with a blanket, and let yourself be transported into a rich world of love, loss, acceptance, grief, and healing, as seen through the eyes of people from all walks of life.

Book excerpt:

Mammy’s screams echoed through the sunless street, between sooty back-to-backs, greasy cobbles and a heavy hopeless sky. Barefoot, she wept in the road, inconsolable.The rent man nailed a Vacant sign to the doorframe, the door itself long since used as firewood. The little ‘uns cried too as they clung to Our Mam’s skirts. My brother Albert begged and bartered, vowing to work longer days at the factory. But I’d done algebra; I knew our debts were a noose. As much as we pulled, the knot just tightened.

I cradled Horace, the littlest, in my shawl. He never complained. His tiny body rarely made anything other than an irregular wheeze or occasional watery cough. Across the way, the step-scrubbers waxed so their toothless grins shone back. Friendship had no place on the threshold of ruin.

Their titters were the last thing I remember of Old Mill Street.

Want more? Head over to Amazon and grab your copy for only $2.99!

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