Book Review: Kill Daddy by Gerald Freeman


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Kill Daddy by Gerald Freeman

This review is from: Kill Daddy (Life) (Kindle Edition)

Awesome book.It was written like a movie. I have never been to Africa yet the book described the villages,people,jungle,hotels,beaches and Gerrys adventures so vivid I felt as if I was part of the story. The book had passion for life showing money is needed for survival but love can’t be bought. I was prejudice about people wearing dreadlocks,the author made a point of giving the history behind why people wear them and I was shocked to learn it was more than a fad. I am embarrassed to have been so naive to something so important to a culture.My prejudice has been replaced with pride for the people who choose to wear them. I loved the way Gerry choose to fight the demons in his past and rise above the hate that consumed him and allowed himself to feel worthy to be loved..and find peace…I hope to read more from this author.

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