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Hi, Welcome to Books and Bacon, The Magazine for Kindle.

I have started a new publication for the authors who are participating at  Each month I will publish 8-10  first chapters from your books (as well as other types of publications listed below) in a magazine for kindle.  This will be open to any member of with a completed profile (so sign up – it’s free – go to

People were asking me why I do this. Well, because I can and people seem to want it.  It seems to have the potential and interest to generate a lot of traffic to my site and therefore to your books, profiles, and so on (mine included – it’s win / win for everybody).  It also gives people a taste of your work and generates interest for them to purchase our work.

Cost of publishing to you will be nothing (for now) other than signing up for profile.  This is a free promo to promote the site as well as your books. So here’s how it goes:

Books and Bacon Magazine:

One point to make before you start.  We will only cut and paste from the documents you send us.  This means we are not responsible for typos, mistakes, or editorial errors. If you are reading the final publication and you find them in your work (or the grammar Nazis do) we didn’t put them there. Once we publish we will not unpublished to correct your comma splice (doing that is a really big deal).  So please, only submit your final and polished drafts.

I’m getting a lot of submissions so please follow the  guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:

All Publications submitted must be currently out in kindle format and available on Amazon. To be fair to my members chapters are published in the order I receive them as all (legible and polished) publications are eligible.

This is open to all members of Kindlemojo with a completed bio. If you have questions on how to do this please take a moment to watch this video.That means you filled it out, not simply just signed up for the site. If your bio is not complete you will be passed over until it is.  The reason for this is that there will be a link to it in the publication at the end of your chapter for people to browse to via their kindles. They may want to know tho you are. (again, this is free, but it does take a little, a very little, effort on your part.)

  1. Send me the first chapter of your book in an MS Word document. (“Magazine” as the subject.)

Things that must be included for publication

a. The title must be centered at the top of the first page. The first chapter of the book can be formatted as you wish (most format it as they have published it to kindle, but any MS Word format will do.)

b. There must be a link to your amazon sales page following the last paragraph. (cut and paste the link from your Amazon sales page [not your bio]  to the end of the document. You may, if you wish, make your own hyper text link, if not we will do it for you.)  This is the link that people will use on their kindles to go directly to your book on Amazon to purchase it.

c. Under that link you must include your kindlemojo profile number.  This is the number directly under your profile picture on kindlemojo.

d. A jpeg picture of your book cover as a separate attachment in the email. Placing it in the word document will not allow it to format properly for kindle.


Copyright information

Author Bio

All generas of Fiction and non fiction are accepted for the most part, however if your book is erotica the cover must have no nudity (yes, side boob is fine – I’ve been asked that, but please keep it tasteful)

Other submissions:

All must be submitted via MS Word doc.

Book Reviews: Must also include a jpeg of the book cover and kindlemojo profile number and link to the Amazon Sales page.

Blog Articles: Must pertain to writing & publishing. Must also include a jpeg file dealing with the article, your kindlemojo profile number, and a link to your blog.

Poetry: Must have been published to kindle in a collection of some kind, include a cover jpeg, link and kindlemojo profile number.

Graphic Novels and Comic Books: Must be submitted in single panels as jpeg files.  Also include your purchase link and kindlemojo bio link.  email me with any questions.

Short Stories and Novellas, have to have been published to kindle, and must be at least 5 pages in length.  Also include a cover jpeg, and kindlemojo profile number.

Follow me on twitter (@kindlmojo) as I tweet the Sh&t out of your work.  Free Promos for the mag will go on as well.  Typically when I run a promo for a free giveaway 800 to 9000 copies are downloaded.  That’s how many people will potentially read your first chapter.


By submitting you are agreeing to allow me to publish your work in this format for the kindle.  The author will retain all of the  copyrights.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the email above.  This is not a contest, so if your chapter doesn’t get published in the current issue I will save it for subsequent issues.

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