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100 Reviews. Thanks y’all (latest review)

Thanks to Mike for taking the time to review….
‘Trauma Junkie’ is a fast-paced look into the lives of NYC paramedics, March 11, 2015
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This review is from: Trauma Junkie (Kindle Edition)
This is one really sweet read.
In ‘Trauma Junkie’ author Tom Hobbs has crafted a wonderful story about the lives and loves of the men and women who spend their nights saving people that have been shot, stabbed, beaten up or who were the unlucky victims of accidents. It is, in some respects, a nightmare world of junkies and thugs but it is also the world of people who care deeply for others; people whose lives are dedicated to bringing victims of accident and illness back from the brink of death.
The fact that they don’t always succeed in that mission takes its toll on many of them, including Brian Sheahan, an Air Force veteran who logged a couple of tours in Afghanistan before leaving the service to work as a paramedic in New York City. Sheahan has enough pain in his past to sink most men and there are times when he’s not certain that he wants to go on living but, not always by choice, he does. He is a fascinating blend of hero and ordinary guy caught up in extraordinary events; a guy you’d probably want to show up when something bad happens to you.
Sheahan is the main character in this excellent book but Hobbs has populated its pages with several other memorable men and women: His ex-wife Amber, his girlfriend Brooklyn, his ambulance partner Mel and others are fully realized, not just cardboard cutouts whose only purpose is to give Sheahan someone to talk to when a bit of dialogue is called for. As a writer myself, I know how difficult it is to flesh out these secondary characters; how hard it is to make them as “real” for the reader as the main character. Hobbs has done an amazing job of making the men and women whose lives touch Sheahan’s just as important to the story as he is.
Hobbs, who worked New York City’s streets as a paramedic before becoming an author, brings a degree of authenticity to ‘Trauma Junkie’ that is seldom found in books about first responders. He skillfully captures not only the drama of paramedics arriving at a scene where something tragic has happened but Hobbs also gives his readers a crash course in the technical aspects of the work they do. It makes for fascinating reading.
This is a fast-paced novel with enough action for a Hollywood blockbuster, enough pathos to make readers care about what happens to the characters and just enough humor to sweeten the deal.
I highly recommend it.
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New Amazon Review for Trauma Junkie

Trauma Junkie cover



Poor EMT’s watch people die, Poor Paramedics kill people….

Let me start by saying this, I am a Paramedic, and this
is very close to the real thing, very close.
From the banter among the crews and everyone around
them, to the huge egos Paramedics have, to the calls and
the emergency driving issues and problems, to the tattoos
that many EMS/Paramedics have.

You will ride with EMS/Paramedics in NY, from call to call
and look into their private lives, from divorce to new romances
to child birth.
You will meet…
Brian Sheahan, Paramedic and main character.
Mel, Paramedic and Brian’s partner.
Amber, Paramedic and Brian’s ex wife, and still friend.
Beth, Paramedic and Amber’s partner.
Brooklyn, news stringer and Brian’s new love interest.
Along with many many others.
You will watch them deal with Hospital Diversion, heavy
equipment bags, O2 bottles, D-fib/Life Packs, ABC-CPR,
ET Tubes, Decompression, IV’s,GSW’s, car accidents
and a 3 alarm fire.
Yes, I have been there myself, and have done all of that.
This is book 1, of a 6 book series, I advise reading them
in order.
There are 2 more books after these, coming soon, I hope.
So, buckle up and enjoy the ride along..

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Book review of Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs

Trauma Junkie cover full


From Nepo Press Blog

Book review of Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs

“Primitive Adventure on the Naked Streets” (4 stars)

This reminded me a bit of the Ed McBain police procedurals except with only a single story line and following an EMS and/or paramedic (apparently there is a difference—who knew?) instead of detectives.

It was dirty and gritty, from the lurid cover to the trauma deaths on the inside. A tortured soul, contemplating suicide but compelled to save others, fights his daemons and finds true love—we hope.

This was “primitive” like artwork brought back from the jungles, where the natives may not have the proportions or perspective right, but there is still “something about” those breasts on that fertility goddess. That may not be the best comparison. Perhaps it is more like a horrible car wreck that compels you to look anyway. I’m referring to the adventures on the street, literally car wrecks (and worse).

Summary: not perfect but a good, quick read. I liked it.

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Book Review: Trauma Junkie



From the blog of: Vicki Hudson

Trauma Junkie by Tom Hobbs is a quick medical drama read. Brian is a no nonsense prior Air Force Special Ops medic turned New York City paramedic. The story revolves around him over a fast paced year during which he travels the darkness of one death too close and the consequence on his marriage while saving lives across the city. How do you save a life when you’ve lost your own?

A constant question of “what comes next” keeps the reader engaged. The characters are interesting and diverse. Immersion into Brian’s world is swift which makes the moments of poor editing all the more intrusive. There are some rough transitions, awkward sentence structure and over use of acronyms and abbreviations that only local New Yorkers would understand. There are long segments of dialogue which are realistic, though following who is saying what forces re-reading of a page at times. Each of these various occurrences bring the reader back into reality from a created suspension of belief.

Tom Hobbs’ medical dialogue and sequences seem real. Issues evoke emotion. A thread of mystery for a past event ties the journey together till the very end when the answer is revealed subtlety. Trauma Junkie is the kind of book to have on your E-reader. You won’t get lost in it but will be able to fall right back in when able to snatch a few moments on the commuter train, a waiting room or in between clients. An easy read. And when you’re done…you want more.

Tom Hobbs’s Amazon Page

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Book Review: The Blue Goose (a #USAF #Security Forces Novel)

Goose cover sm
(5 Stars)Yeah, That’s How It Was – A Tale Well Told,
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This review is from: The Blue Goose (A USAF Security Forces – Police Novel) (Kindle Edition)
The original version was pretty darn good. The 2014 re-edited version is even better, and makes for a very satisfying read.

This is an interesting aspect of the American Military that gets very little coverage. Author has most definitely been there and done that – he gets the feel exactly right; just ask any 811X0.

Anyone who enjoys well-crafted military fiction, and any past or present USAF Security Specialist should thoroughly enjoy this book.

Now, would like to see something about the missile field side of the house.

Tango Yankee Sar’nt Hobbs.

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What’s new, friends? (Book Reviews)

What’s new, friends?

From: thewriteromantics

The Write Romantics have made some lovely friends in the year or so since we started blogging.  Some have come along for interviews, others we have met in person at RNA events or through Twitter and Facebook.  Many of these lovely new friends of ours have also agreed to be contributors to our charity anthology.  We thought it was only right to set up a page on the blog where we could share news from our good friends and tell you a bit about what they’ve been up to since the last time they dropped by…

Carol Cooper

Carol, who was already a successful journalist and non-fiction author alongside her medical and teaching careers, launched her debut novel earlier this year.  Here she tells us what’s been happening since her last visit to the blog:

One-Night-at-the-Jacaranda_cover_eBook_sml‘One Night at the Jacaranda’ has been selling strongly, especially since it got a lovely new cover from designer Jessica Bell, and it was great to see it was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards 2014 and a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2014.  I’m now writing my second novel which will take many of the characters from ‘One Night at the Jacaranda’ into new adventures, which like the first book will be based in London.  This autumn I’ll be taking part in the Chorleywood LitFest.  I’m also looking forward to attending the Festival of Romance, though I had to explain to my new husband that it’s for romance writers, not romance seekers. Read our review of Carol’s fantastic novel here:  Review of One Night at the Jacaranda

Linda Huber

Lindas book coverLinda is one of our wonderful anthology contributors and you can read the sneak peek of her story on the anthology page.  Linda’s first novel ‘The Paradise Trees’ was published by Legend Press in February 2013 and her follow-up novel ‘The Cold Cold Sea’ is realised this month.  Find out more about Linda here.

‘The Paradise Trees’ – There is someone watching Alicia’s every move. Someone who has a plan of his own. Someone who will not stop until the people he loves most can rest together, in paradise.

‘The Cold Cold Sea’ – No-one can underestimate a mother’s love for her child, and no-one can predict the lengths one will go to, to protect her family.

Merryn Allingham (aka Isabelle Goddard)

The Crystal CageThe last time Isabelle came to see us on the blog she just had the one name but, as she has so many stories to tell, it turned out one name just wasn’t enough!  Isabelle has popped back to tell us all about her alter ego, Merryn, the exciting news about her new novel and her upcoming plans:

I’m no longer writing pure romance or setting my books in the Regency. Instead I’ve moved on a few years to Victorian England and changed genre, too – to mystery and suspense with a sprinkling of romance. A new genre deserves a new name and so Merryn Allingham has come into being. ‘The Crystal Cage’ is the first Allingham novel and tells the story of a long-lost tragedy, and the way echoes from the past can powerfully influence the life of a modern day heroine. The next few books will see another move timewise, a suspense trilogy set in India and wartime London during the 1930s and 1940s. I’ve found that I love writing mystery along with romance, and love dipping into different time periods. I expect Merryn will be around for quite some time!

Kerry Fisher

School_Gate final jpegKerry first came to see us in the early days of the blog, to tell us all about her self-published novel then call ‘The Class Ceiling’.  Since then, Kerry has secured herself an agent and book deal with Avon Harper Collins – wonderful news!  Her debut novel is now titled ‘The School Gate Survival Guide’ and is available now in e-book form, with the paperback out on 11 September 2014.  Kerry will be coming back to see us on the blog in October, to tell us all about her follow-up novel and what life is like as a published author.

Amazon link:

Kerry’s Author page:

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