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We’ve decided to trash the blogging system on and go with WordPress. Books and Bacon is open to all members of for posting.  Sign up on Books and Bacon (this is a separate membership then, although the sites are connected).  Please email me (tom@kindlemojo.comSubject: Books and Bacon) if you wish to have your status upgraded so that you can post (sorry, this is the only way I seem to be able to keep the sploggers at bay) – include your Kindlemojo profile number.


  1. No spam – NO SECOND CHANCES. You will be banned. (SPAM includes fake publishers and agents who charge for services rather than take a cut off the back end. That’s right in a paperless world there is no such thing as a copying fee.)

This blog is for articles on books, to showcase your writing, original posts, marketing tips, and so on. You may post links to your amazon page, web page, smashwords whatever, articles you find interesting, things you write, excerpts from your books, and so on… as long as it’s about BOOKS (or bacon)! No Uggs, Henry and David, Stock quotes, or stuff like that.

Please do not post and repost links or advertisements for your books in and of itself (you may of course post links to your books after reviews, interviews, articles and such.) Use the shoutbox on the front page of for that, or the kindlemojo facebook group.  This is a blog for readers, simply posting your link and status on Amazon is not what this blog is for.  All such posts will be removed.

DO NOT BUMP YOUR POSTS TO THE TOP or (once again) continuously post the same material .  Use the share buttons to increase the traffic.

  1. No Nudity – (yes for you romance novelists Side views are okay -Side Boobs, side Butts) Keep it PG-13.

  2. It’s ok to post a bad review, but keep it tasteful.

  3. Any videos must have to do with books or publishing – as much as I love smackcam it has no place here unless you incorporate it into a book video.

  4. All comments are manually screened to avoid SPAM.



Do I have to be a member of to use the blog?

Only if you wish to post.  The headlines from new posts will appear on the front page of as an RSS feed under the heading “Books and Bacon.” The main page of is now receiving over 2000 visitors a day (as of Nov 16th, 2013).  So if you post chances are someone is gonna read it.

If you wish to post articles you can request “Author Status” through – Just message me (tom KM#1)

Can I post reviews of my own book?

Absolutely.  We’re all here to sell our books.  I would also like you to feel free to post any articles on any issues you feel, as long as they have something to do with the publishing world.

Can I post Excerpts of my books?

Hell to the yeah!

Can I reblog?

Please do, just remember to give credit where credit is due in the form of a post to the original article.

How do I post a video? 

To post a video you must be given “editor status.”
If you are a member of in good standing you can be given editor status.  This will allow you to post videos as well as make corrections to all posts – if you feel the need to do so.  However, you must get permission from the original author to do so.  You may not add links to your stuff in other people’s posts unless given the okay.  If I receive complaints from posters that you are screwing up, or spamming their posts you will be warned once and further offenses will result in loss of your editor status.  This status is reserved for authors and writers I have made contact with on  So if you want to post videos all you got to do is reach out to me on

Here is a video showing the steps in posting a video.

Will you be selling advertising for books on this blog?

Yes, I will be selling Amazon plaques with direct links to books in the side column when the readership increases.  Not sure how long that will take, but when the blog starts getting enough traffic I will put them up for sale.  This type of advertising was fairly successful on the old  The price will be around $20 for an ad that will run between one and three months.

All for now: email me if you have questions:

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