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Rebekah Mitchell-Wagner
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Profession: Author #3978

I work on / with: Computer

I am: Published by Small Press

I Read: 1 Book a Month

I am here to: Promote my Book(s)

I Write: Several times a week

Preferred Format: Kindle, Print

I Read / Write: Short Stories, Thriller, Crime / Mystery, Non-fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Series

I also: Promote Books

Current Work Status: Writing my next Book

I : Have 2 Books Published

Education: High School


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Rebekah Mitchell Wagner

Thomasville North Carolina United States

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About me

Hello my name is Rebekah Mitchell-Wagner and I am a published author from Thomasville North Carolina. I love to write things that I think will interest people and I hope later on down the road that people enjoy my books well enough for me to earn a cup of coffee with Stephen King because he is my favorite author. I currently have two books out on is a fantasy, romance fiction book titled The Everlasting Love: The Beginning and the other is a non-fiction about how I met my first love in high school and the lessons learned  to where I am today. 

I am a mother of a little girl and a step mother of a little girl who I consider my own. I am also married to my best friend who I wouldn't trade for anything. I have always considered family to be the most important thing in my life because without my little family I'm not sure where I would be.

My website to purchase my books is:


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Feb 21, 2015 Book Signing

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