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Lauren McDade
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Well I guess I'll get this forum started if there aren't any other takers. My name is Lauren McDade, and I run the one-man band that is Inkling Editorial Services. I provide a number of different services at Inkling, but editing is my primary task and also the one I most enjoy. I'm very passionate about helping writers get their books press-ready. I'm journalistically trained and have worked as a copy editor for media publications, so I have a very firm grasp on English grammar and mechanics. I'm also a writer myself, though, so I also know the importance of good storytelling. I tailor my editing style based on the desires of my client and can copy edit soley for grammar and spelling, or I can give you a full developmental edit and point out errors in characters, continuity, structure. Inkling rates range from ?$0.015/word to $0.005/word. For more details, testimonials, and more, you can just visit the website at www.inklinged.com or the Facebook page.

Tell me, what do you like your editors to focus on?

2013 Jun 06 03:06 pm |Quote

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