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New Things:

New Things:
Hi and welcome to the New Kindlemojo! Or as I like to call it - Kindlemojo! 2.0.

As you can see, Kindlemojo is going through a major facelift, and has become a full fledged social media site for Indie Authors and now - for their readers as well.  (I told you people I was passionate about this stuff - did I not?)

1.  If you were a featured author on the old site, please sign up for a free account and message me here (Tom KM #1). I will be friended to all new accounts, feel free to message me with any questions. Your account will be automatically upgraded to VIP status, free of charge, with all the benefits. Your rotating profile in the top left of the main page means more exposure than on the old Kindlemojo. There will be other perks on down the line which will be grandfathered in as well. This offer has no expiration date. More about the VIP membership in the coming weeks.

2.  For those of you who had single listings on the old site, you may now sign up and list as many of your titles as you wish. There is no charge for a basic profile and now you have full control of it. You may interact with other authors in the forums, and more importantly readers who are also being invited to sign up. I have set up a FAQ on the forum page to answer any questions you might have. You can invite readers to friend you, build lists, and just strut your stuff as you see fit. I am counting on you as writers to be as creative as you wish with this site.

Charles is working on some revolving banner codes. We'll let you know when it's ready.

Please read the forum post "Basic Rules" after signing up. I know that most of you will behave yourself but there are those few knuckleheads out there - you know who you are.

If you have any questions please contact me via DM from my profile: Tom Profile #1.





Cover Design, Book Formatting, and Publication Consultation.

If you haven't already please check out my cover gallery here. As an Indie Author myself I understand the constraints of budget. I can offer a high quality eye drawing cover starting at $200.00 using my own personal stock photography. If you should require additional stock We can discuss that as well, and I think you will find my prices well below what other professional photographer/designers would charge.

I can also consult with you on formatting and publishing - anything from a total package to simple advice on which software packages to use. Don't be duped into large fees by predatory publishers and formatting services that are springing up all over the internet. I hear stories daily from authors who are unhappy with their services.

My objections are simple: to further the indie revolution in publishing.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you reach your publishing goal please email me at: tom@kindlemojo.com

Advertising and Promo packages:

Pay by


Either method please be sure to follow up with an email -INCLUDE YOUR BOOK LINK, the promo your ordered, the dates (if any) AND YOUR NAME to tom@kindlemojo.com


Featured Authors: $25.00 (one time fee)

Your profile picture will randomly rotate through the featured author's box on the front page.  Three new profiles are featured each time the main page is clicked on or reloaded. You must have a profile picture for this to work.


Important: Please message me (Tom KM#1) with either your profile number or name if your paypal email is different then the one you used to sign up with.

VIP Account: $ 75.00 (one time fee)

This is the same as the featured author account with the addition of a VIP banner on your profile picture, and a personal forum under the "Meet the Author" category on the forums page for interacting with the readers who sign up. You will have total control of the posts. You must have at least one profile picture uploaded for this to work. It also uncludes the Prime Tweets Feature.



Twitterblitz: Options listed below:

The Twitterblitz is the most successful marketing tool from the old site.  It is designed for those of you who are planning a free promotion of your kindle books.  Results vary, but several have landed in the top 10 of their respective category and well into the top 100 of the kindle free store.  Your book link is tweeted to over 100,000 followers on our hand groomed twitter accounts.  1 tweet per hour on the days you subscribe.  No automation was used to build these accounts, and they are groomed daily to remove spammers. We have been building them for two years to assure a high concentration of readers and authors.

NEW! You can now use the Twitterblitz with the hashtag: #kindleunlimited. I've been getting some pretty good feed back from authors whom I have test marked this with. If you want to use it this way please be sure and contact me when ordering here: tom@kindlemojo.com with #kindleunlimited in the subject.

Please order at least one week before your promo. These are highly focused campaigns and take a little time to set up.  If it is less than a week before your giveaway, email me at the address below to okay the order before placing it.
Twitterblitz regularly places free giveaways into the top 100 of the kindle free store.   This is greatly dependant on the type of books you are placing.  It usually works best with novels.



Step 2

I will need the Following information to set up your Twitterblitz after you have made payment:

1.  The exact link you wish to use (I highly suggest the link to your Amazon give away book) and please check it. I will copy and paste it from your email.

2. The dates you are running your campaign.  (Your promo will run from 12am to 12am - Amazon Time-   the moment your giveaway starts.)

3. (optional) any tweets you wish to include, but be sure to make them short to leave room for hashtags and your link.  If you don't want to send tweets I will pull them from your reviews and / or book description.

email this info to tom@kindlemojo.com Subject: Twitterblitz


Prime Tweets: $25.00 (one time fee)

Your Profile link will be added to our tweet list which goes out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Your account will be tweeted 2 to 4 times a week from now until forever. If you signed up for this service on the old site please DM me here (KM #1) and I will grandfather you in free of charge.  These are the same accounts we use for the Twitterblitz above.

On average for every tweet, you will get between 30 and 75 visits to your page. If you notice, the members with the high visit counts on their page it is likely that they are a member of this program.



Banner Ads and Plaques:

Book Plaque under the Featured Authors:

"Books by our members."

These are the links to your sales page from Amazon. When you purchase one of these plaques it will stay up for a minimum of one month (31 days). Depending on the demand they may stay longer, as the spaces must be filled. These are links directaly to your point of sale on Amazon.

The front page is now receiving over 2000 Unique visitors a day.

The cost is $35.00 for 1 month / $55 for 3 months /$85.00 for 6 months and 155.00 for a year.

KM#1 or tom@kindlemojo.com .

Main Random banner Front page (changes each time the page is reloaded - top of the page) / will also appear on the forums main page, Shoutbox page. 50.00 for a three month run. 75.00 for six month run. 125.00 for a year run. Space may be limited so please contact me.


For purchase information please email me tom@kindlemojo.com - be sure to place "Banner" in the subject.


Social Media consulting and grooming:

Ever wonder how I got over 300,000 views to my profile in just few months, 110,000 quality followers on Twitter, 15K followers on Facebook? This is due mostly to my social media presence. Don't waste your time buying followers - a recent article in the Wall Street Journal states that as much as 95% of the purchased followers are fake or bogus accounts. If you have a look at my main Twitter account (@thekindlewhispe) you will see that a high concentration of the followers are writers, publishers, and people who are interested in the subject matter in which I write (EMS and SiFi). This due to the fact that I have spent over a year grooming out the bogus followers and selectively following people who are interested in what I do.

I work within the approved API of Twitter and target high quality followers daily - I only use the approved Twitter approved software and sites for this purpose. These people in turn follow my updates on facebook, linkedin, pinterest, and so on. It has resulted in a steady flow of traffic to this site and consequently to my book sales.

Most of you found this site through the power of social media. Social Media marketing is a slow burn type of marketing, but once it builds it's like a juggernaut - and it keeps building.

I will only take a few clients at a time so that I will be able to provide the necessary time to build this juggernaut properly, and I only specialize in Indie Authors, and unlike most firms I do not charge exorbitant fees. My prices are geared to the budgets of indie authors like myself.

If you are interested in one on one marketing Please contact me: tom@kindlemojo.com - Subject heading "Marketing." I can design a plan for your spacific genera and style.








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