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Jackie Weger
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Jackie Weger

Hockley Texas United States

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About me

I've been writing  off and on for more than thirty years. I enjoy writing. Meeting my characters is like meeting and making new friends. I love meeting new people. I've traveled to many exotic locales from the wilds of Northern Ontario to the deepest jungles in Panama and made friends along the way. Listen, I was raised poor, married poor, had five kids, so stayed poor. I made a little money writing romance novels and found that all of the things I'd hoped one day to own no longer appealed. I discovered what I enjoyed most was destination travel--going to new and strange places, meeting people, learning their customs, their foods, how they survive good times and bad. I lived part of one winter with trappers in the Louisiana Swamps, volunteered at a Sister's of Mercy Mission in Colon, Panama--and had one of the most interesting conversations in my life with an old man and his dog as we sat on a bench waiting for a train in the Village of Versailles. I don't dress fancy, drive fancy, or live fancy. When I look around my life, I find my most precious possession is my creativity and sometimes, my passport. It carries the memories of all the wonderful people I've met thither and yon. Right this minute, I'm sitting still to write in a tiny rural community in Texas--but my passport is up to date--handy for when the travel bug nips at my heels once again. 

Moving on: I am new to indie authorship--less than a year and it is a glass mountain. As a newbie, I  made some gargantuan errors, but have since learned from the experts in our indie author universe. I share what I've learned here: eNovel Authors at Work. You are welcome to explore the site, use what works for you and comment if you like. 

My personal Webpage is here: Jackie Weger

Find me on Facebook here: Accent on Romance

Follow me on Twitter and I follow back: @JackieWeger

I have not yet mastered GoodReads or Pinterest. 

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