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Profession: Author #3926

I work on / with: Computer

I am: Self Published

I Read: More than one book a week

I am here to: Promote my Book(s)

I Write: Every Day

Preferred Format: Kindle, iPad, Print

I Read / Write: Chick Lit, Short Stories, Action / Adventure, Thriller, Crime / Mystery, Historical Fiction, Non-fiction, Romance, Biography, True Crime

I also: Edit Books, Promote Books, Blog, Review Books

Current Work Status: Writing my next Book

I : Have 1 Book Published

Education: Bachelor's


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Elizabeth Newton

Knoxville Tennessee United States

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About me

Born and raised in New York City in the fifties Elizabeth Newton was exposed to a variety of cultures. This provided her a unique view of the world. In addition to her public school education where she excelled in English and History she visited Public Libraries and museums. In the fifth grade she wrote s school report stating she wanted to be an author when she grew up. During these years she wrote short stories often sharing them with friends. After attending the selective Hunter College High School she dropped out of school. At eighteen she married and over the next ten years gave birth to three children. Divorcing her husband she briefly lived in Los Angeles before returning to New York. Finding an ad in a local New York newspaper she applied to a program at Long Island University in Brooklyn designed to help drop-outs get their GED and earn college credits. Accepted into the program she chose Media Arts as her major with the goal of being a television news director, While attending there she developed public speaking skills and minored in English taking numerous upper level English courses. After the birth of her fourth child Elizabeth elected to move to Knoxville, Tennessee where her father had been born and raised. Working a variety of jobs in telemarketing, retail sales, childcare, and even as a child care director she eventually settled into a job with the University of Tennessee assisting families receiving public assistance to gain job skills and become self sufficient. In the following years she remarried and went to work at East Tennessee State University as a job counselor. While there she earned a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Psychology and Sociology. During those years she continued to write short stories. After retiring at sixty-one she turned to writing and blogging full time. In October 2014 she published her first full length  novel, "View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale"; a fictional tale examining the possibility the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald survived. Elizabeth is currently at work on her next book, "Riddle" a murder mystery.

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