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Profession: Ask me Anything #1

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I am: Self Published

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I am here to: Promote my Book(s)

I Write: Every Day

Preferred Format: Kindle, Print

I Read / Write: Action / Adventure, Westerns, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Coming of Age, Urban, Series, Dark Comedy, Military Fiction

I also: Design Book Covers, Promote Books, Write Screenplays / TV

Current Work Status: Writing my next Book

I : Have 10+ Books Published

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Brooklyn New York United States

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About me

Welcome to my profile!   

I started Kindle Mojo to give Indie authors, and other creative people, like myself, a place to network, build followings, chat with readers and so on.  The profiles here are free and anyone can join (there are several types of profiles including author, editor, reader, beta reader and so on).

I consider myself a photographer who has a strong passion to write.

Follow me on FacebookTwitter (I will tweet the SH&T out of your books). See my photography here (I design my own book covers). You can read clips of my books on Wattpad. I also invite you to view my Amazon Author's Page.

My Novels and what readers are saying on Amazon:

The Blue Goose A novel about USAF Security Policemen stationed in Germany circa1981.

-"As a civilian who hardly reads military stories, I really liked this book. I enjoyed the charcters very much and laughed out loud more than once. I look foward to reading another book by Tom Hobbs!!"

Twilight on the Amber Cliffs,  Ever wonder what it's like to be the only Non-Mormon in a small town in 1978 Utah? 

Brandon McKibbin is a successful freelance reporter in New York City and ex-rodeo cowboy.  His best Friend from high school, Tidus,  was just killed in Iraq.  Brandon travels back to Topic for his funeral in support of Tidus's widow, Hope,  and his first true love.  The three shared a deep secret which will now come to light.

-"I have to say that I hated that this book ended. I feel like the characters of the story have become more than just characters. They've become friends... people that I've known, people that I have watched going through the good things and bad things of life."

Trauma Junkie Series (books 1-6) A suicidal NYC Paramedic falls in love with an ambulance chasing reporter.

-"Feisty, fast-paced, colorful streets of New York through the eyes of a swerving, philosophic paramedic. Hobbs captures the sleaze and lyricism of the city in a novel that will make you laugh, seek something to calm your stomach, but mostly look forward to the next hot chapter and sequels to come."

Currently in the works: Trauma Junkie #7 Hell in Paradise - Brian and Brooklyn take a much needed vacation to the garden island of Kauai. As always their timing is incredibly bad.  Hurricane Molly is about to make landfall directionally on top of them, and is declared one of the worst storms in Hawaii's history, and the call goes out for volunteers with emergency experience. Their second honeymoon is about to become a working vacation.

Trauma Junkie #8 Stage Blood Metro Emergency Response just secured a lucrative contract to provide emergency services to some of the biggest Film productions of the year.  Brian and Mel, along with some of the others are tasked with providing Emergency Stand by.  They are about to find out that Make believe isn't all it's cracked up to be. (Based in part on my time as a set medic both in New York and Hollywood).

Shades of Amber (book #1 "Welcome to New Brooklyn.") 70 years after World War III NYC still has her finest...  Welcome to New Brooklyn.

-"A romp through a new world! I enjoyed this book immensely and plan on sharing it with all of my science fiction pals.

I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars because I was entertained and enthralled from start to finish."

Currently in the works: Shades of Amber#2 Grendel:
Amber and the rest of the Outwallers are caught between a savage attack from the outside by an army of feral humans and an internal struggle for power within the government of New Brooklyn.  When they are forced to flee the walls, Amber and the rest are about to find out that they have allies they never knew existed.

I have also published several photography books to kindle under the name Extreme Mojo Photography.


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Erica Miles


Hi, Tom!

I?see your site as an extraordinary opportunity for us Indie authors to promote ourselves. It seems like you've created a win-win situation!

I have one picayune question. Is there any way I can edit my "about me" paragraph? I just want to change one word.

Thanks, if you can help me.

Erica Miles (Mildred.Ehrlichx@gmail.com)

Beta Reader

HI Tom I looked over your site and it is very well done. I will continue to check in to find out if you have anything new but I also want to read this things that are here. Good luck with your writing and thanks for the info about your site.


Hi Tom. Thanks for creating this. Lately, I've been struggling with writing a satisfying ending to my YA dark fantasy. So, I took some advice and decided to write the very ending and work backwards. However, now I am having trouble writing the final battle involving my female protagonist and the Big Bad's army. What advice or suggestions do you have. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie Weger

Hi, Tom Hobbs: I finally managed to negotiate the site today and join as a featured member.?

Now, I'm off to explore the site. And learn how to get your to tweet the heck speck out of my titles!?

Eloise De Sousa

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the warm welcome to this site. ?Trying to find my way around at the moment and hope to set up a home here with my books and blogs!


Mike Monahan


Hi Tom,

Great site you have here for us Indies. I'm a typical Bronx Irish Cop turned author. Having trouble navigating this site, just because its new to me. I published my first book, Barracuda through BookSurge and my second book is currently being edited by CreateSpace.Thanks for having me here.

Mike Monahan

author of



Dawn Skyy

Forgive me. My cellphones spell check is Not as up to oar as it used to be. Utterly and completely embarrassed..... ?????

Dawn Skyy

Dear Tom:?
I just finished reading all six of your "Trauma Junkie" novels and enjoyed them bet much. The $1000,000 question is. How would you like ?them reviewed? Individually or as an ominous? Please let me know because I can D's o either. I can relate because NYPD works closely with NYCEMS.?


Wow, great profile. I saw it that 'you can ask me anything', and click it. The only thing I want to ask you, how can I promote my book as successful as you do? in a more correct way to ask, how can i write a book as great as you do?

LR Hatfield

Thanks Tom for putting the information on facebook and for putting the work into this site. It is greatly appreciated!

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